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Simply select clothes to wear that are currently available to you. When you go to your first party in the game, make sure you network and meet new people.

How to play Stardom: Hollywood for iOS, part 3: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Going to parties is a great way to make new contacts. New people you meet in the game will instantly be added to your contacts.

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If you say yes, you can earn some cash. Make your way to Arnies office.

Because you got your foot in the door, you will earn extra points. Getting 5 stars at everything you do will maximize your cash bonus and your fans bonus, be it jobs or dates.

Dates are a great way to gain levels quickly, as well as to gain fans quickly, if they are with actual actresses or actors. Use your charm to convince them to give you their number later on, because dating with or acting with them is a good way to get more fans more quickly, and to make more money more quickly.

Once you have broken everyone's hearts go to a dating location Cached Charlene told me to date someone on the C-List or higher.

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  8. Pick a restaurant or a club to go to. Cached I went on a date and then he says oh now we can hang at my place, but I don't know how to go there. Cached Have you reached the level of dating?

    Being a B - Lister in STARDOM: HOLLYWOOD

    It the next step after Universe Theory and let him know you're willing to date a celebrity.