Compound specific radiocarbon dating


One of the aims of the facility is to push the boundaries of the sample preparation and introduction techniques and the types of scientific questions which can be addressed by AMS, and as such there is a strong emphasis on the development of compound- and compound class-specific methodologies for radiocarbon analyses.

For my final year project, I conducted a preliminary investigation into the fate of oestrogens of agricultural origin in the environment. My doctoral research centred on investigating the fate of organic nitrogen in soil.

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I was awarded my PhD in These isotope ratio determinations ratios can be used to infer the source of, or the extent of natural biodegradation of these pollutants within the environment. I then worked for two years in a private forensic science company in the field of stable isotope forensics as a reporting forensic scientist and the Head of IRMS.

  • Compound-specific Radiocarbon dating.
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During this time I worked on many projects and cases involving packaging, drugs and explosives; and conducted research into developing new methods for the stable isotope analysis of alcoholic beverages for food authenticity purposes. View complete publications list in the University of Bristol publications system.

Laboratory Capabilities

Edit this profile If you are Dr Timothy Knowles, you can edit this page. Postgraduate study Find a programme Visits and open days New postgraduates. The geologic record contains a wealth of information about ice-sheet dynamics, with fewer logistical, spatial, and temporal limitations than are involved in data acquisition along contemporary ice margins. However, past ice-sheet behavior is still largely uncertain or contested due to issues with obtaining meaningful radiocarbon dates.

  • New protocol for compound-specific radiocarbon analysis of archaeological bones..
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We minimize bias from glacially-reworked carbon and limitations from unknown geomorphic context and uncertainty in sediment facies identification by using careful sedimentary analyses within a geomorphic framework, as well as selection of appropriate dating methods. Geomorphic and sedimentary data reveal that during their subsequent retreat to form the Ross Sea Embayment, the two ice sheets behaved differently, with the WAIS rapidly retreating tens of kilometers followed by extended pauses, while the EAIS retreated steadily, with shorter decadal- to century-long pauses.

Absolute Dating Methods Radiocarbon Dating

This behavior leads us to believe that the two ice sheets may have contributed diachronously to sea level. By acquiring accurate timing of grounding line retreat, we are able to calculate volumes of ice lost throughout deglaciation, as well as associated sea level contributions.